For those versed in Mimetic Theory who want to explore its deeper implications, T&P Contributing Theologian Rev. Paul Nuechterlein will outline the ways in which Girard’s thought operates in several dimensions of being human — interdividual, or interpersonal, as well as social, institutional, and cultural.

Paul Nuechterlein is a noted expert in interpreting the Bible through the lens of René Girard’s Mimetic Theory, with an eye to both theology and anthropology. A student of Girard’s work for 25 years, Paul has built and maintains this website, Girardian Reflections on the Lectionary, which averages more than 1,000 visits each day from people across denominations and around the world. Recently retired after 30 years of parish ministry in ELCA congregations, he is now able to devote full-time to his passion for spreading the Gospel of peace and justice, which he believes is at the heart of Jesus’ faith. He is Director of Discipleship Seminars in Mimetic Theory. Paul is currently the Contributing Theologian for Theology and Peace and has also served on the Board of COV&R.