Our Work

Founded in 2007, Theology & Peace holds an annual theological conference grounded in the thought of René Girard, whose insights provide a key for unlocking new approaches to Christian theology, liturgy and praxis, and are especially suited for addressing our current social and political context. Known as a mimetic anthropology, or Mimetic Theory, Girard’s work enables a revolutionary understanding of human violence and argues the critical role of the bible in distilling this understanding in terms of contemporary culture. We seek an integration of Mimetic Theory with Christian discourse and culture through intentional conversation and ongoing application that continues to evolve (both intellectually and spiritually) and progressively draws in new participants. The Theology and Peace Annual Conference creates the space for this sustained conversation and process of intellectual and spiritual formation.


Are leaders in Mimetic Theory, Emerging Church theology, economic and racial justice, black history and culture, peace and reconciliation. They include popular authors and activists addressing issues central to nonviolence, economic justice, racial justice and reconciliation. We have built a sustained community focused on the articulation and application of Mimetic Theory as an indispensable tool for reshaping Christian theologies, liturgies and praxes as they address their current social and political contexts.


DIVERSE: Attendees include a wide range of committed Christians, theologians, seminarians, pastors, scholars, activists, authors, and others seeking a theology, which through discourse and through embodied responses, dismantles the systemic and eruptive forms of violence and scapegoating present in our society, in our culture, and in our selves.

ECUMENICAL: The audience draws equally from Catholic and Protestant traditions, because it is deeply rooted in scripture and is radically sacramental, the message finally lays to rest many of the polemical issues arising from the Reformation. Theology & Peace attracts participants from mainline denominations, peace churches, and the emerging church.

INTERFAITH: Theology & Peace includes people from all faith traditions and contributes to interfaith dialogue and cooperation.

INTERRACIAL: This year’s conference develops new avenues for participation for the Black Church community and people of color. Beginning with the 2018 conference, Theology & Peace has entered a three year collaboration with American Baptist College, a historically black college.

WELCOMING: Since our founding, LGBTQ clergy and laity have had significant roles in our leadership and in conference participation.

EDUCATION: Theology & Peace provides certificates of attendance for clergy fulfilling their denomination’s continuing education requirements.