Rahim was paroled in 2015 after being locked up for 26 consecutive calendar years. While in prison, he acquired certifications from numerous educational institutions and became a leader in SALT (Schools for Alternative Learning and Transformation). He received a four-year scholarship to American Baptist College, where he’s currently pursuing a degree in behavioral studies.  He is the founder of Unheard Voice Outreach (UVO) and a member of the ICAN (Incarcerated Children’s Advocacy Network), which is an initiative of the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth. Both UVO and ICAN are profound experiments in Beloved Community. He a regular volunteer and mentor to children incarcerated at juvenile detention centers, facilitating classes and workshops which implement the SALT program he first experienced as a student in prison.  His book, Save Your Own Life is intended to help young people who are at risk in the cradle-to-prison pipeline, those who are currently in the justice system, and formerly incarcerated individuals who are re-entering society.  He is manager of the Nashville Community Bail Fund, which provides financial support to individuals who cannot afford to post bail.

Rahim spoke at the 2018 Theology & Peace Conference, “Accepting the Invitation to Beloved Community,” when he shared his heartbreaking and transformative story.

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