Rev. Jeannie Alexander is the director of No Exceptions Prison Collective, a legal and educational advocacy organization with and on behalf of prisoners and their families. No Exceptions works through a combination of litigation, legislation, and grass roots movement building in collaboration with prisoners, free world individuals, houses of worship, and other likeminded organizations.  No Exceptions’ primary focus areas are sentencing reform, and internal prison conditions. 

Jeannie is also a co-founding resident of Harriet Tubman House, an interfaith community dedicated to restorative practices in earth stewardship and human rights.  She served as the Head Chaplain at Riverbend Maximum Security Institution for three years until September 2014. Prior to that, she was the volunteer chaplain for two years. As chaplain, she facilitated the creation of an unprecedented number of programs for insiders, both in minimum security and on death row, and developed interfaith communities in prison based on a model of liberation theology. She has been a professor of Philosophy, Ethics, and Religion.

Jeannie is a writer with essays published in the book And The Criminals With Him, and she has two forthcoming books: a of poetry titled Folklore, and an examination of faith, life sentences, and the cultural and moral costs of caging humans for life, titled Redemption?  She has blogged for Tokens and written for Bitter Southerner. She is interviewed, lectures, and preaches frequently on the topics of mass incarceration as slavery, alternatives to prison, Christian anarchism, and transformative justice. She holds a JD from Cornell Law and a Masters in Religious Studies with a focus on Christian Ethics and Mysticism. She is also a lover of bees, bogs, and all things wild.