Wendall Holmes

In 1982 Wendall Holmes co-founded a church in his home along with Clyde W. Harris called Newborn. That church has evolved to the present Newborn Community of Faith Church and is still located in the Baltimore, Maryland community of Sandtown- Winchester. After thirty-five years studying the teachings of Jesus Christ, Wendall says he is convinced that a great part of Christian duty is to remember the poor and, for him, that has meant moving back into the community.

Wendall currently works with the non-profit group Strength to Love II. Strength to Love II (named after the sister group founded by the late Gordon Cosby of Washington, DC ) is a ministry of Newborn Community of Faith Church. Their mission is to assist and facilitate the re-entry of citizens returning to the community from incarceration with a holistic approach.

Wendall was introduced to Mimetic Theory through his friend of several years, Tony Bartlett, former Contributing Theologian of Theology & Peace. Although he considers himself a novice to the works of Rene Girard, he is particularly excited about the possibilities of thwarting the violence in our communities as we explore the origin and root causes of violence.