Let’s move beyond the rivalries which dehumanize people on all sides of the equation

Register for the 2019 Theology & Peace Conference:
#EngagedMimeticTheory #IAmOnlyBecauseWeAre

Read more about our Plenary Speakers: Rev. Nontombi Naomi Tutu, Very Rev. Michael Battle Ph.D.,

Midrash on Bible & Beloved Community: Sandor Goodhart Ph.D.

Panelists and Facilitators Include: Rev. Janet WolfRev. Thee Smith Ph.D.Rahim BufordJulia Robinson Moore, Ph.D.,  Micky ScottBey Jones, & James Alison!

Mimetic Theory 101: James Warren

Register at: theologyandpeace.com

Hosted by: American Baptist College Nashville, Tennessee

A historically black college, American Baptist College (ABC) has, since 1924, prepared graduates for leadership, ministry and social justice. ABC has a rich history of involvement in the civil rights movement.

About Sue Wright

I use Rene Girard's mimetic theory to read comics. It's amazing what comes to light. Comics are far richer than I ever realized.
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