Theology & Peace Conference Will Go Online!

A message from Preston Shipp, President of Theology & Peace:

Greetings, Theology & Peace friends! I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and sane in this anxious, troubled time, and are experiencing moments of peace and joy and wonder and wisdom. The Board wanted to offer an update regarding the 2020 Conference in light of the Covid pandemic.

The Theology & Peace Board has forged an exciting partnership with the Raven Foundation, from which we have received so much love and support over the years, and it felt like the right time to bring Theology & Peace more formally in line with the work of Raven. As excited as we were for the first conference to spring forth from this partnership, we have determined that we cannot have an in-person conference this year. As events unfolded, we considered moving the Nashville Conference to August, but so much is still uncertain that we think it best to not consider an in-person conference until 2021.

The current goal of the Raven Foundation and Theology & Peace is to offer an online conference in August of 2020. Our speakers, including Kevin Miller, David Dark, Audrey Assad, and Julia Robinson Moore are committed to being involved. We hope to have an official announcement by June 1.

While we are all disappointed that we will not be gathering in person, as our conversations have evolved, this seems more and more like an unanticipated opportunity to bring the conference to many people who would otherwise not be able to join us. Stay tuned for more information soon about dates and registration. And may we all be instruments of God’s peace in these tumultuous days.

The Collaborators Conference
for the Flourishing of Nonviolent Christianity
is an annual event fostering learning, empowerment, and community.
This conference is presented by The Raven Foundation and Theology & Peace.


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